There is something wrong and different about my phone to my friend's phone.


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Dec 20, 2016
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I've had my phone for a while now, since August, and it's been rather well and great and still is! My friend had her phone around the same time and we had very similar looks on our phones. But after a month or two, my phone changed looks in certain areas. This has become a problem as I want to buy a theme on my phone but it would not change the screen lock. It has been rather tiresome to look for answers and solutions but I do want the old look back. Here are some photos to compare the differences between mine and my friend's: Mine: 15645074_1769386513325833_1006822133_n.png friends:15673247_10211814417694719_2147368304_n.png Mine:15644298_1769386526659165_142492739_n.png friends:15645393_10211814443495364_842952309_n.png
With a little more explanation, the area where we see our volume, wifi, torch buttons - mine stays purple, regardless of what theme, it will stay purple and it seems to have a different layout. I changed my theme to a pixel one to prove it, just like my friend's, but her one changed but not mine.
With the area where we see the apps, my one doesn't show the actual windows, and her one does. We both have the same update. I am not too sure what has happened to my phone, but its still fast and working properly.
(I am very sorry if I haven't explained thoroughly enough, but there's just one more.) With my lock screen wallpaper, every time I use my fingers to touch the screen, it would produce bubbles from where my finger is going upwards. My friend's wallpaper doesn't do this. This is the main problem to why I can't use any live wallpapers and its rather frustrating. I hope there is a solution, and I hope someone replies soon!
Thanks! -Von


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Sep 2, 2011
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Several possibilities I can think of off the top of my head:

1. Clear your cache partition. This fixes a surprising number of oddball problems, and is completely harmless to do.

2. Look at the differences in installed apps between your two phones. It is possible you have some app that is overriding these portions of the user experience. If you can, uninstall any apps you have installed that your friend does not. You can reinstall them if you discover it doesn't fix anything.

3. Last resort is a factory reset - this will remove anything that could possibly be interfering with the OS and messing up the appearance.
Dec 7, 2010
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You are using an app called Good Lock (search it in the Galaxy App Store), your friend isn't.

Good Lock is a System UI closer to stock Android, where your friend is not using Good Lock and just Samsung's TouchWiz notification/lock screen/Recents panel. Chances are you have an app in your app drawer called "Good Lock", where your friend does not.

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