Think I deleted something I shouldn't

Muscle Master#AC

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Jun 3, 2010
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So on 1 of my home screens it says "problem loading gadget"

So I think I deleted something I shouldn't (gotta be a widget) and I fear it's interfering with my battery life.. can't confirm yet cause yesterday I had hotspot in for a long time.. among other things

So.. and I used Titanium backup to uninstall everything, I didn't back up cause I feel as though I wasn't gonna used the bloatware and select widgets

Whats my course of action.. I'm still playing with my phone so I don't have anything important.. so won't really mind if everything gets deleted

Do I use my recovery?

Another note.. I notice that if I want to charge my phone with it off.. the clock mod bios alway come on.. is it all right and can I turn it off?

Dave Blake

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May 7, 2010
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The recovery turns on when you charge with the power off this is a side effect of the 2.5 recovery at this time it has not been fixed sorry. The widget issue is easy to fix this will happen from time to time and it will happen every time you restore with Titanium backup. It only happens with some widgets all you have to do is tap and hold where the notification is and trash it when the trash can comes up. Then reassign the widget to the same location it should be working then.

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