touch response tooo slow!! and can't connect to network 3G


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Sep 21, 2011
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Hi there
i've read a couple of threads about how to deal with slow responding on touch screen, but i found no help. they were talking about Task Killer, but i have no task killer installed, and i only have few apps and they're not running in the background. now it is ridiculously slow when i touch anything, i mean ANYTHING, even home key! i just bought this phone 3 weeks ago, who the heck knows what happened!!>_<
another annoying thing occured was i couldnt connect 3g. i did turn off the APN widge to make sure it doesnt block data. and i turned off wifi... but i can't connect to the internet. i enabled data, not working....i mean this is so frustrating. the worst part is, now i turn off my phone and turn on again, wifi icon shows but won't connect to internet as welll1!!i mean,WTF????
if anyone knows whats going on,it will be hugely appreciated!!!:)


Jul 29, 2011
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I know that my phone got incredibly sluggish after the OTA update to Froyo. The best thing that you can do is a factory reset. Then I would suggest downloading "1-Tap Clean Cache" to keep your cache clean. Also, I have noticed an improvement in my phones performance by downloading "LauncherPro" which replace androids native launcher. If that doesn't do it then you could always Root your phone and install a custom ROM, if you are tech savy or very good at following instructions. I hope that this helps! :)