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Dec 21, 2010
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Turning off 3G and limiting to 2G or EDGE in AT&T
Loaded Quick Settings from the Market. Fixed one of my problems with the notification ringer volume setting itself down. Like the app and interface.
BUTTTTTT on the turning off 3G it does not work... sent the following email to the Quick Settings bunch... it bounced back... anyone know how to get hold of them???? following is the email and description of the problems. Anyone else know an answer for a Galaxy S phone... particularly a Captivate?

> HI
> Loaded your Quick Settings on my AT&T Captivate. Love the interface
> and most of what it does. Very good.....
> HOWEVER....... the main reason I loaded it was to turn off 3G access as
> I am most of the time at the hairy edge of 3G service and it kills my
> signal strength and will not allow me to do internet access due to low
> signal.
> I NEED to force my phone to EDGE or 2G. Your app looks like it works
> some of the time but 3G eventually locks in again with the "Mobil data
> (APN) turned "Off" and my signal strength goes to nothing.
> The other problem is when I go down and turn "Off" Mobile data (the one
> with the "3G" icon next to it) I cannot turn it back on or reconnect. It
> keeps sending me to the Captivate's screen where the function to turn
> on/off 3G or limit it to 2G or the EDGE system would be. There is NO
> NATIVE selection button or check box in the Captivate to do this.... so
> very annoying when your app sends me there. Plus it REFUSES to turn
> Mobile data back on. I have to reboot to get it out of that loop. Have
> to reboot because mobile data is really turned off and I cannot access
> the internet even though it shows EDGE or 3G hookup on the notice bar at
> the top next to the signal strength indicator bars.
> Can you help me here? Really want to keep your app loaded and use it.
> But it is no use now for 3G limiting.
> Also, something I noticed your app helped me with... The Captivate has
> an annoying habit of setting the volume down on the notification ringer
> for texts etc. I do not know why but it does it all by itself. Keep
> missing texts and notifications because of this. Your App fixed that.
> Now it stays up....
> Thanks for listening
> Hope you can update this App to work on Captivate and probably other
> newer smart phones as well.
> Best
> GAry


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Feb 11, 2011
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i have the same problem--can't get 3G back on. i usually leave 4G off unless i'm using it, so it's very frustrating that i can't get 3G back on and then get "network unavailable" notifications all the time...

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