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Jun 9, 2010
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I have LOVED this phone from day 1 (ok, not exactly as I boxed it back up and reactivated my berry as I was so entrenched in the berry world, make it week 1) The time is approaching in the near future for an upgrade. I really have no need to upgrade at this point, but there is always that urge for the newest greatest thing out there. I have sworn of motorola forever until they offer an unlocked bootloader. I swore by HTC until they started locking bootloaders. In an upgrade, my number one choice is to have a phone that is easily rooted (something as easy as unrevoked was for the Dinc), and gives me the ability to have S-off. It appears as though LG and Samsung are my choices.

I'm currently running MIUI but I don't need that on a future phone, just happens to be what I enjoy at the moment (gingerbread with no lag, bugs, or problems as of yet). Just like most of you, my preference for android is the ability to do what I want with my phone, and it seems some manufacturers prevent that either because they can, or they made deals with the devil (the carriers). If you had to meet my criteria, what phone would you upgrade to? Including rumored future devices as my upgrade is Q1 2012.


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Apr 26, 2010
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Honestly I still enjoy HTC as an OEM. I agree with you about Moto, but for different reasons. I have had the DInc since the first week as well and do enjoy the ease of rooting and flashing. Also my upgrade comes in to effect at the end of 2011. I'm waiting to see what rumors are tru with the HTC Vigor as that looks like the best upgrade for me coming from the DInc. As HTC has begun giving consumers the method to unlock the bootloader (although by a very VERY gruelling task) and that they may start shipping phones with them already unlocked, and the devs will have ways to get root.

But if I had to choose between and LG or a Samsung I think it would be a toss up. I've had LG phones in the past, but their build quality seemed to decrease with each phone and to me I have just never been impressed with Samsung designs and UI.

So the short answer would be to toss a coin a few times as both LG and Samsung appear to have solid Android phones.