Using Galaxy Note 10+ as an action camera, is it possible?

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I was wondering if there is an 'app' out there that enable the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ like a gopro Hero 7 or 8?

Ideally, I want to have the option to customise quality of video (eg 4K, 1080p, 720p different fps...)

Second, to easily begin the recording in X mins (default 5) to SD card and loop it when space is getting full.

The benefits of doing this is: 1. smartphones have much better battery life, 2. advanced camera recording functions (stability, auto focus...).

I intend to use this on a motorcycle, recording trips.


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Jan 11, 2014
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Samsung, like most Android phone makers, has their camera API locked down limiting access to 3rd party apps. I've yet to find one that allows frame rates that Samsung doesn't or one that can access the additional cameras. Only the main camera works so you'd have no access to the wide angle camera.

A phone in general is also much more expensive while being significantly larger and more fragile as I'm sure you're aware, it may work for a motorcycle but most things I'd want an action camera for I'd never risk breaking my phone.

While I'm sure the Note would get better battery life you can always swap batteries with a gopro. I'm also of the opinion the latest GoPro has better image stabilization.

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