Using the HP TouchPad Wireless Bluetooth on the Droid Incredible


Sep 11, 2011
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I am trying to use the HP TouchPad Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard on an HTC Incredible 2.3.4. I used as a guide this video:

Like others have mentioned here, I have been able to have Android recognize the HP TouchPad Wireless Keyboard, but when I try to use it to edit a Google Document, for example, I get the following message:

Android Failed to open a Connection to HP TouchPad Wireless Keyboard

I have used BlueInput as well as BlueKeyboard JP.

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I should also mention that I have SwiftKey X installed on the droid inc.

Android allows me to choose BlueKeyboard JP or Blueinput, but neither application can make a connection with the HP Touchpad wirless keyboard.

What is disappointing, from an Android perspective, is that I was able to easily pair and connect the HP TouchPad BT Keyboard to an iPad 2. it was quick, easy and painless. In addition the keyboard works really well, no doubt because HP went to school on the Apple BT Keyboard.

Even if I could make this work on Android, using it would be a little klunky, nevertheless, I am still looking for a solution, because it would be very cool to be able to use this keyboard with the htc droid inc.
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