Vibrant Froyo IMEI issue


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Aug 31, 2011
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I had unlocked and updated to froyo on my Vibrant. After several months it simply stopped working on the telcel network (Mexico).

I later discovered that my IMEI was at a fake IMEI that is posted all over the net from others with the same issue.. I dont know if the provider cut off my phone immediately when the IMEI arbitrarily changed or the IMEI had been bad all along, and they finally started blocking this fake IMEI. Judging from the phone crash that occurred that day, however I think the phone lost its IMEI that same day it stopped working on Telcel

Fortunately I searched old files and my backups are worth gold because somewhere in the process I had saved /efs and /efs/imei in a folder called Galaxy_S_Unlock.

My question is , how do I restore the IMEI and does it matter that I am now on Froyo and the Back ups may be from Eclair?

Thanks I would like to get my Vibrant working again