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Voice to Text not listening long enough on S7 - Fixed?


AC Question

I often dictate text messages but one day my phone stopped listening for long enough. I would talk but the voice keyboard would shut down before I got a chance to say even one or two words. I tried everything including resetting all phone settings back to default with no luck. Finally this is what seemed to work.
1. Go to "Settings", "Language and Input".
2. Click ""Default Keyboard" then "SET UP INPUT METHODS"
3. Turn off "Google Voice Typing" and exit out of settings.
4. Go back into "Settings" and now turn on "Google Voice Typing" again.
It seems to work correctly now.


New member
Jan 4, 2017
I have the same "voice to text is quick to timeout" on nexus 5x/android 7 and on a couple of voice-to-text apps that stop accepting voice input before I can start voice input.

Google maps and speechnotes app are reasonably patient.

I cannot find where to make all the v-t-t apps more patient.

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