WAV Files -- HELP!


Dec 15, 2012
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I'm pretty new to the Android system! There is a website where I would like to listen to audio files -- workshops. They are in .wav format. When I click on them, it says "Downloading." Then when I click on them in my "notifications' window (or whatever you call the window that pops up when you tap the time, bottom right of screen!) there is a file there named something like "play-1.qvt" I tap that, and I get the message "Cannot play video" "Sorry, this video cannot play." "Ok" The only option is to hit "Ok" . This website also has MOV files -- those also do not play. Either of these, when they download and the only place I can pull them up is the Notifications window, say "play-3.qtl" or "play-1.qtl"

I can find the files in the "My Files" folder, under "downloads" but when I tap a file it says " Open File" -- "No applications can perform this action."

I've contacted the website, they tell me that their site is compatible with Tablets, that I need to download the latest version of Java, and use Firefox. Well, altho I love Firefox on my desktop and have used it for years, it does not seem to work well on my tablet. On *some* web pages - seems random -- I cannot type in usernames, passwords, or even into Google search. The keyboard comes up, but does not work.

Any ideas? I'd love to be able to listen to these audio files!!

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