Weird problem - Emails/Calendar/Contacts DISAPPEARING!


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Sep 17, 2018
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Recently (6 weeks ago) upgraded to a S9+ on Verizon's network, after my S5 was dropped and finally broke.

I have three Exchange online accounts that I have on my phone. The first two I sync email, contacts and calendar for, and the third is just for email. I also have a Gmail account, but that's mainly just for the phone to be able to use the play store, etc.

In the past i've used the native Samsung apps (calendar, email, and contacts) and it's worked just fine.

However last week Wednesday, I noticed that in Textra (my texting app), the messages just showed numbers, not names. Hopped over to 'contacts', and a good percentage of my contacts from one of the accounts was gone. Not all, but probably 50% of them (i have 1400 total on that account). Tried resynching, tried removing and re-adding the account, but no dice. Ended up wiping the phone and starting over.

Everything worked OK, but then Thursday morning i noticed one of my calendars had duplicated events. Checked on the server, and the events were single, but on the phone there were multiple of the same event. As the day went on, i noticed most of the events now were triple, a few hours later quadruple, and so forth. I was in a different time zone since setting the phone up, so thought maybe that had something to do with it.

Tried using the Outlook for Android app, but the functionality is limited, so i opted for "Nine" for email, etc. I set it to sync calendar and contacts to my phone so i could still use the native calendar and contacts apps respectively

Worked fine for a day and a half, but today i thought i was supposed to get a meeting reminder, and was surprised that I hadn't. I opened my calendar, and only saw events from one of the accounts, the second was gone. Opened 'nine', and while email was there, contacts and calendar had disappeared. Did a resync, and same problem. Had to remove the account, restart the phone, and re-add it.

I'm now using the native Nine app for calendar, and still have contacts synced from 'nine' to the samsung contacts app, so that phone calls and texts still show the right name/number.

Wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem? I can't see how it could be related to the three accounts I have set up, as i've had them for years, and while they are fairly sizeable in terms of items in contacts/calendar/emails, my S5 was able to handle it just fine.

Is this a bug? Anyone else run into something like this? I'm at a loss. I'm paranoid and checking my calendar every 10 minutes to be sure all the events show up and that the calendar hasn't deleted itself.