What are the things that you love about the Note 10+?

DARK Vader777

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Feb 5, 2016
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The speed is off the charts.
The screen quality from end to end you actually forget there is a hole for the camera there.
Samsung screens are second to none!!

Usage of the Spen.
An open list of things to do with it.

Camera quality better than my note 9. And better than my wife's work iPhone XS trash.

The overall feel in the hand. Not heavy or too light. Just right!!!!

Been noticing battery lasting much longer than expected.
I'm so use to reaching over to charge my note 9 up. I have to catch myself now. Plenty of battery life to go.

The beauty of the Aura Glow. There isn't a phone out that can beat it. Imo
Been rocking it without a case for awhile. Yes I do have to floss a little bit..😎

Everywhere I go, "what's that the new note?" No that's it's brother, the new note 10 plus.

The fingerprint sensor works fine, just should of kept it on the back.
Face unlock works good though.

Other than that, My wife and I are so glad we upgraded.
I still have one note 9 for the headphone jack.
But it rarely gets used and will selling it soon to grab the OP7 pro.

Finally get to use Volte as well.
Also when Sprint moves over to the GSM network...
This phone is able to connect without me doing much.
A phonecall away.

Sold my pixel 3A Xl.
Just wasn't using it at all.

Can't seem to put this one down.
Multitasking hasn't been an issue at all.
Monitoring cameras. Using SPEN, and video duo my grandkids all at once.. nice
Great job Sammy

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