Where can i download Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2-830LC Latest Firmware (ROW File)?


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Aug 19, 2023
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I have Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2-830LC & this tablet is a little bit old & has no support any more.
Most of firmware web sites removed files related to this model.
I searched many places all over the internet to find latest firmware of this device.
But failed.
Lenovo web site has no support on this model anymore & all update solutions are down.
So for example i searched the site below for download it's latest firmware :
YT2-830LC Firmwares
I have two problems here :

1. Which firmware on that web site is the latest one? YT2-830LC_USR_S100341 or YT2-830LC_USR_S000184?

2. Files on that site are not accessible. Where can i download that firmware?