Where Is Google Street View?!


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Mar 13, 2014
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Android 4.1.1 on an Asus Transformer. I have the latest Google Maps and Google Street View apps installed. These used to work really well. But I recently discovered that Street View does not work (at all) on my Google Maps App. It used to!!!!!!!! It used to be GREAT! I mean really great!

But now there is no Pegman icon and no way that I can see to bring up Street View on the Google Maps App. Total bummer. I mean what are Google thinking?

Guess what? It doesn't work in the Google Chrome browser either (browse to www.maps.google.co.uk).


What happened? Where did Street View Go?

Why am I the only person on the internet who has noticed this?

I refuse to sign in with a Google+ account if that's the issue.

Absolutely any help appreciated. Driving me nuts.

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Street View is still there. On my Nexus 5, what I do is long-press the part of the street I'm interested in until the location pin appears. You should see the street address appear in a bar at the bottom. Tap that bar, and you'll see a Street View window there. Tap that window, and the full Street View will start.

I checked the UK version of Google Maps on the web, and the pegman is still there, in the upper left just above the zoom bar. Drag and drop pegman to the street you want, and Street View will appear.


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Mar 13, 2014
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Thanks B. Diddy

Followed your instructions on my Asus Transformer tablet. Very similar to your Nexus 5 except the address bar is in the top left corner of the map. But otherwise works exactly as you said! Phew. Blood pressure down from boil to warm simmer...

But this is much less intuitive than how it used to work.

Once in Street View we now just have two chevrons for navigation. This is a massive fail compared to the pegman we used to have (on a tablet). To move down a street all I had to do was drag the pegman and drop him where i wanted to move to. This worked just great (like I said!). But the chevrons ... are ... painfully ... slow ... and ... ... don't ... work....... ... ...... well ..... ..... ..... at ..... all.

The google maps website https://maps.google.co.uk/ does work like you said, but on my Asus Transformer tablet, I get a little blue man in the bottom right hand corner (rather than the top left). This takes me to street view. Great! Oh wait... got those orrible navigation chevrons... aaaargh

And on a desktop PC... guess what? We have the nice little pegman. Still there, still nice and peggy. And we can drag and drop to our hearts' content!

So all is well with the world except for navigation, where ON A TABLET a pegman is a zillion x better than those useless chevrons!

Much appreciated, B. Diddy

Now going to put my head in a blender.


Jan 23, 2011
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Have you tried double tapping in the distance where you would have otherwise dragged the pegman?

I'm here cause a friend is trying to find his street view app from where to make photosphere. It shows it's installed on Google play but doesn't have the open button and isn't in the app drawer. He's using a nexus 6p.

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