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Why does my phone have next to no space left?


AC Question

The internal storage on my OnePlus X is supposed to be 16GB, according to the official website. When it's plugged in though, it says the max capacity is '11.4 GB'. This is not the main issue though.
It is also saying I only have 1.07 GB left of free internal storage. However, when accessing the internal memory through a PC via USB, selecting every folder/file and seeing how big they are together, it only amounts to about 2.5 GB. So where is the other 8.9 GB? What's taking up all that space, and why can't I see it?

All help appreciated!


Q&A Team
Jan 17, 2016
You may have some hidden files that the pc can't see. Look in storage of the device and if it still doesn't make sense, see is there is a "show hidden files" option there in your storage settings. Your system could be using 7 gigs or more, but it should show up there..
Usually it's media taking up space, with the high definition pics and videos these days it can quickly gobble up your space! I put all my media into sd card usually...