Why does my phone say that i cant access sense home


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Jul 23, 2018
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my phone does not work every time i boot up my phone it says cant access sense home or its stopped and i cant use my phone anymore and now im not gonna have a android my friends have the same problem and im getting annoyed so if u dont help me i will no longer have android im gonna have to get an apple phone because that never happens on apple so i'm never gonna use an android phone ever again and if u got a solution then i wont change but if it does not work then im gonna be more mad so im gonna wait a month and if i dont get my phone back to normal im gonna get an apple phone or something else :mad: (i dont wanna sound rude im just saying if i cant fix it im gonna have to get an apple phone) and i wanna stick with the same phone but i cant



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Jun 10, 2014
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Welcome. :)

I think that if I had trouble like that, I’d want to get rid of the phone. iPhones don’t give trouble like that, but then, nor has any Android or Windows Phone I’ve ever had.
You haven’t told us what your phone is, so I can’t move the thread to a more relevant forum.