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Why has Demo-Stub mal-ware trojan in ROM appeared on my unrooted 2 year old Galaxy S4?


AC Question

Why has "Demo-Stub" mal-ware trojan in ROM appeared on my unrooted 2 year old galaxy S4

I have my original samsung galaxy S4 with AVG installed. I have AVG for almost 2 years.
I have never had any issues prior to this mal-ware warning 3 days ago.
My phone is unrooted.
I have not installed any new apps on my phone in over 6 months and I have never installed or used google 360 security, I do not bank or shop with phone.
I contacted Samsung, wondering if this malware could have been force pushed. They were no help other than to advise me to put phone in safe mode and see my T mobile carrier.
T mobile had no answer about this situation, they located the Demo-Stub app, but could not turn it off or remove it. A factory restore has been presented as my only unrooted option. Why is this on my S4?
T-mobile told me that this malware was installed by android and is in my ROM.
Any input would be appreciated as this frustration is about to turn me towards an I phone.