Why is the music app refusing to accept this album?


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This problem is bothering me a lot more than it should be... In the music app on my Galaxy S5, the album Ænima by Tool is split into two different albums. The album containing the first two tracks is named Ćnima while the rest of the tracks are located in the correctly named Ænima album. To further complicate things, I downloaded an app called iTag that allows the user to edit the details for their music. When I looked at the app, all of the tracks were in the correct album and in the correct order. When I looked at the details for the two songs that were in the wrong album, they had all of the correct info. So why does the music app refute these two songs from the main album they belong in?

Here are some screenshots I took of the problem.
imgur com/a/gMwp2

I really have no clue what else I can do with this problem, I hope someone on here can help me with this. Thank you in advance.

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! So the ID3 tags of the first two tracks have the album name listed as Aenima, and not Cnima? Are the music files stored on Internal Storage or the microSD card? If the latter, see what happens if you put them on Internal Storage, since SD cards can be glitchy.


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Sep 30, 2015
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I figured out how to fix it. I was trying this method of going into the properties and changing the details of the files on my computer before I moved them over to my phone, even though it showed the album name for all tracks as Ænima on my computer. Anyways, on your music app select one of the song that is correctly showing Ænima (like H or Pu****) and once it's playing find the options menu, and select 'details'. Once in 'details', select 'edit', which is the icon that looks like a pencil. You can scroll down and it will let you edit the album name. Don't edit this one, just copy the Æ all by itself. You can either do that or find it on a web page somewhere and copy it from there. Then, select Stinkfist from the Cnima album, edit the details so it's Ænima and no Cnima. Do the same for Eulogy. Worked for me.


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Apr 19, 2016
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Hi Guys, new here.
Has anyone figured this Tool Ænima album problem on Android without having to download a new music player app? @tripsclife, I tried your method, but do not have an option my player to edit music besides delete.
I've downloaded several tagging apps, and have managed to get Stinkfist & Eulogy album info changed to Ænima & it's now included the same album as all the other tracks, but they are now tracks 12 & 13, Cesaro Summability is now track 14 and weirdly the track Ænema has renamed itself as 13 - Ænima and is the 15th track????.
Would love to know if anyone has had better luck, this is truly strange.

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