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Why isn't my encryption PIN being recognized after the lock screen PIN change?


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Encryption PIN not being recognized after lock screen PIN change

I have a Galaxy S3 CDMA (Sprint). I have no idea what version Android it is running - whatever I've had automatically updated OTA.

I work for a big company, and they force us to encrypt + have a lock screen PIN in order to keep corporate email. Last week they forced us to go from 4 digit PINS to 6+. I changed my lock screen PIN by adding 2 more numbers, and continued locking/unlocking it fine for the week.

I let the phone run out of battery last night, and now when I try to enter the PIN at the encryption PIN screen it won't accept my old or new PIN.

I've tried old and new + the non-number keys associated with the PIN (it's numbers). I'm at 5 guesses to data wipe, and I'm wondering if there's a known issue here or something I can do before I lose my data.

I'm replacing this phone this week (terrible timing), but I have texts and some other data I'd like to save.


New member
Aug 4, 2015
Hi there. Samsung S5 and a couple of months later than your debakel.
I have the eact same issue. Had to reset Lock Screen PW and it worked perfectly for two days. Phone ran out of battery and won't accept decryption PIN. My Lock Screen PW used to match my encryption PW before I changed the first one. As far as I know though, these two passwords are completly independent of one another.
Did you ever get resolution for this issue? I have 5 tries left before the phone wipes itself.
Were you able to backup anything?