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On my LG rebel 3 I was trying to verify my account after a hard reset and the account would not work. Countless times I made sure all my info was right and it said an error occurred. I turned on two step verification and all. I followed a tutorial and I can browse, but not use apps. How do I make my account work?


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Dec 6, 2011
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I'm not sure what happened after the reset but your post says you turned on 2-Step but when? Before the reset, after the reset before trying to log-in, or after attempted log-ins failed and obviously after the reset? Anyway I will tell you from experience that 2-Step is a pain when you reset your device. Unless you know the tricks. With 2-Step you cant log-in and get the codes on the same device. So you can grab a laptop, pc and log into your account and use it to get codes via email or on a spare device transfer your Authenticator to that device temporarily. You will need the codes to log-in. What happens is when you attempt to log-in your device will prompt you for the 2-Step code but if you leave the screen, even if you use the multi-tasking button, when you return you will find yourself back at the user name entry screen. Forcing you to start over. The second device allows you to get the code without leaving the screen.

Alternatively you can turn off 2-Step long enough to log-in.

Another alternative is the device codes, or device passwords or something like that. You can find it in the 2-Step section of your Google account. It will generate a password that allows you to log-in similar to how you would normally log-in except instead of your usual password you enter this generated password. They are very long, 12 or 16 characters alpha-numeric.

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