Why won't my phone recognize a Straight Talk sim card?


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why wont my phone reconize a straight talk sim card

I bought a used phone . suppose to be a straight talk galaxy 3 running on the verizon network with 4g lte speeds but it will not reconize any straight talk sim card. could it be a setting ? Straight talk themselfs are no help ?


Jul 17, 2015
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Re: why wont my phone reconize a straight talk sim card

I can only tell you my experience with Straight Talk, First I purchased T-Mobile and I couldn't even get a Bar where I live even though their coverage map showed I was in a great area for 4G service, I pulled out the Sim card and back it went to Amazon, I then went to Walmart and purchased the Straight Talk $45.00 start up kit with the four types of Sims cards (For AT&T & T-Mobile plus one code for Verizon, I went home and entered the info on the ST registration site and nothing happened, I then made one phone call after another hoping that the person who answered the phone could speak and understand English, four hours latter I finally got someone who could understand me and tried to help me, but as much as he tried he couldn't help and finally just hung up on me.
I then tried to re enter the Sims number and it was then I noticed an area with a little notice warning where you enter the Sim number, and when I clicked on it a big picture came on the screen that said there was a packaging mix up at the plant and some startup kits contain the wrong Sim's cards, it had the numbers of the correct ones that should be in the Walmart kits, and when I compared the numbers of the ones I purchased they did not match.
So after 8+ hours of wasted time it was back to Wally World, This time I purchased the Go Phone startup kit with $45.00 plan, took it home signed on to the AT&T Go Phone web site followed the instructions and installed the Sim's card and with in 15 minutes my LG G4 was working, in fact when I installed the the card and replaced the battery and powered it up all my APN setting were set automatically, the only thing I need to do was change one or two things and we are no enjoying 4g Lte.