Widgets on Nexus 10 VERY slow to load


Jan 12, 2011
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I've been having the frequent Nexus 10 (4.4.2) reboot problem as several others have reported, as well as the overheating issue. I suspect this may be related.

I'm currently using Nova Launcher (GO before this) and while this all cropped up since Nova, it worked just fine for almost a month or more after installing it. Lately I'm seeing the 2 or 3 widgets I have on my home screens simply not load at times. During this, the app icons work just fine. The widgets chug along and chug along and eventually (but not always) come up and work normally, but a lot of the time, those widgets never do come up and the device either spontaneously reboots multiple times and/or it starts getting very very hot, 105 and up, or I have to manually restart it to try again. Obviously this means there's a LOT of activity going on under the hood, but why would widgets not be coming up consisently?

I install apps frequently, rightly or wrongly, so trying to pinpoint which new app might have started this would be impossible.

I did remove the widgets on the screens, but the rebooting and overheating didn't stop, but that's another forum topic :) / :(


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