Wow! 30+ hours after $70 battery replacement in local shop


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Nov 9, 2015
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After having an OEM replacement battery installed at a local phone repair shop ($70+ tax), I'm amazed to finally be seeing battery performance in range of what Moto and Verizon promised at the DT2 2015 launch, my first time ever on the two DT2s I've purchased brand new.

After the first overnight charge on the new battery, my DT2 lasted over 31 hours (!) in my usual daily usage pattern. Most noticeably, it barely drains in standby, typically wakes up within 1-2% of where it went to sleep an hour or more later. New battery was the only change made, no factory reset or other software configuration changes.

I've observed two buckets of DT2 owners here on this forum: Those reporting 24+ hours standby/ 5+ hrs of screen time, and the rest of us suffering <12hr standby and <3hr screen time despite our best conservation efforts (low screen brightness, etc.). On neither of my DT2s (2015 original, 2017 warranty replacement), I never saw battery performance at anywhere near level, even when brand new.

Before battery replacement, I was barely getting 7-8 hours on this seven month old DT2 (Moto warranty replacement in Feb), before it would spontaneously shut down at as high as 30-40% battery. After trying factory reset, battery meter recalibration, and clearing cache partition, I concluded the battery was damaged, perhaps caused by a few incidents of severe overheating (111+ degrees) earlier this year, and decided to try replacement.

I haven't had enough days yet using this in my typical daily pattern to measure new/better screen time, but I know for certain it's a lot higher than my previous 2.5-3 hrs.

FWIW, here are my current speculations about DT2 battery life:

1) Some original OEM DT2 batteries are better than others, perhaps by a lot. I wonder if this falls along Moto Maker vs. stock handsets. (Mine is Moto Maker design.)

2) DT2 system software is poorly optimized for low cell signal conditions, and possibly Bluetooth as well (I'm a Pebble watch and frequent BT headset user, so BT is connected nearly full time). Possibly exacerbated by Nougat or other system update this past spring.

3) Verizon Voicemail app and perhaps their other bloatware can cause battery damaging over-heating. I diagnosed and reported this earlier this year on this forum, remedied by disabling them.

If you want to try battery replacement, Google "phone repair shops" and call around, I found a wide range of availability and prices ($70-110). I got lucky that the shop closest to me and with best price also happened to have one DT2 OEM battery stock.

Report your experiences here if you give this a try!