1. hurang's Avatar
    Just wanted to see how it affects their batter life as opposed to not using it? Big or little or no difference?

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    03-21-2011 11:03 AM
  2. cdejesus1119's Avatar
    hmmm good question.. it use to kill my incredible... so i uninstalled it
    03-21-2011 11:07 AM
  3. Rem's Avatar
    Had it on my Incredible with no issues and now on my TB. I've never seen it show up on my "Battery use" list so I assume all is well.
    03-21-2011 11:14 AM
  4. zshazz's Avatar
    I'm using it. Not showing up on my "Battery use" list either, and I'm getting apparently awesome battery life.
    03-21-2011 11:16 AM
  5. stearic's Avatar
    Same as above, i use it and have no problems from it.
    03-21-2011 11:18 AM
  6. Wheresmythunder's Avatar
    Same as above ^ people stated
    03-21-2011 11:30 AM
  7. azdmelani's Avatar
    03-21-2011 11:31 AM
  8. caldeco's Avatar
    It helped me find my phone. I left it somewhere and could not find it. I went online with my desktop and it told me the location was at my office. I still couldn't find it and had it shout out. I gave a loud siren noise and I found it under some papers. I think it's a great app. If I did loose it I can clear it out so that nobody can get my contacts.
    03-21-2011 11:35 AM
  9. dhendriksen's Avatar
    I used it on my Droid X, but haven't put it on the Thunderbolt yet. I'll do that now...thanks for the reminder.
    03-21-2011 11:45 AM
  10. Ronindan's Avatar
    I works fine on mine. Even though I am using a custom rom.

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    03-21-2011 11:52 AM
  11. hurang's Avatar
    Cool really glad to hear that its not a big hinderance on the battery, going to dl now.
    03-21-2011 11:52 AM