1. markneumann's Avatar
    Im new to the galaxy S4 coming from an iphone 5. When streaming spotify in my car it does not display artist or track text. When using the stock music player it will. Only with spotify player it stays blank. Any ideas how to correct this would be much appreciated.
    06-24-2013 12:58 PM
  2. Robert Jordan1's Avatar
    You're ahead of me markneumann. My S4 will not play back the stored Spotify music with the aux cable that works superbly with the lowly GN. This step up in tech phone isn't compatible with the vehicle audio, though works fine playing back on its speakers. BT seems to not like it either. Cars are 2012 makes, but S4 is not liking any of it. Any input from S4/Spotify/ex Aux cable users?
    11-09-2013 10:39 PM

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