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    Hopefully the title is clear enough. I wish to hide certain apps from the "complete action using" list.

    I'm not talking about setting a default app, nor uninstalling.
    eg. I have a gazillion editors that I have installed (droidedit, jota, ...) and when I edit a txt file I want this list to open...however there are apps that appear (eg maxathon web browser) that has no place there...but there are others non relevant ones too.

    eg2. I have many browsers installed, but generally only work with one or two (...and occassionally even set a default!) & want to hide some from my everyday use (eg. Opera, dolphin mini, etc, etc)

    So, my question: is there a way for me to control this list?

    Ps: my phone is rooted & use nova launcher (free)

    Any help appreciated.
    10-09-2013 01:27 AM

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