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    Ok guys, I have a galaxy grand which is on 4.1.2 and the update for 4.2.2 has been officially been released for like a 6 weeks and I still haven't got it yet , I check daily but it keeps telling me that I am on the latest update .I also tried on kies but my device couldn't connect to it for some reason .

    Any suggestions guy

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    10-28-2013 12:18 PM
  2. patruns's Avatar
    If you bought this from a carrier you have to wait until they provide the update.
    10-28-2013 03:37 PM
  3. Victorrrr001's Avatar
    Dont do it u ll regret.. alot of ppl regret that they ve updated wich I m one of them lol the interface is not that good but the main problem is the damn lag its killing it, but as u like its ur choice, I m lookin for a way now to downgrade it to 4.1 lol

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    10-28-2013 09:56 PM
  4. alexjobs's Avatar
    you should stay on android 4.1.2
    10-29-2013 04:32 AM
  5. EpicInYourFace's Avatar

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    10-29-2013 12:33 PM
  6. EpicInYourFace's Avatar
    The only reason I wanna upgrade it is for the sexy touchwiz interface that came in the 4.2.2, I still havent got the Update !

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    10-29-2013 12:34 PM

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