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    I've been having trouble lately with the batter, even if location is off, and everything is set to minimal including background services, my battery wouldn't last me more than 4 hours on my Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+

    So I did a factory reset today and installed all my apps except Viber and Facebook....

    I've been using my phone for the past 5 hours and the battery is still @ 86% in the past it would be at like 25% by now........

    I don't wanna take any chances? but what do you think was the cause of the battery drain despite me limiting them in the background data to only use data when opened..........

    I have a feeling it's Viber since many users on other phones like BlackBerry used to say Viber is a battery drainer....

    what do you think?
    10-05-2015 12:27 PM

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