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    Looking for the best micro sd card to buy that is known to work well on the htc one mb.
    09-28-2014 02:17 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    There are only 2 factories turning out the chips that go into the cards, so only 2 companies that have any control of what happens to the chips once they leave the factory - Samsung and a company jointly owned by SanDisk and Toshiba, which sells cards labeled SanDisk. Either one is top-of-the-line, but if you have any problem, I find SanDisk an easier company to work with (to get help, replace bad cards, etc.)

    (You can find "counterfeit" cards, that claim to be, say, 32GB cards, and even show as 32GB when you put them into the phone, but are really 4GB cards. There's a memory chip and a controller in the card. The controller can be programmed to claim that the card is any size. Some scam companies will put 4GB memory chips into their cards and program them for 128GB. It's a lot cheaper, and you throw your money away. I've never found a SanDisk card that wasn't what it says it is.)

    Neither one is among the cheaper cards you'll find (they're probably the most expensive at any given time for any given card size and class), but I have SanDisk cards that are years old and I've never had a problem - and they're not supposed to last as much as I've used them. (If the card costs twice as much, and lasts 3 times as long, it's cheaper.)

    I also like that when Samsung came out with a phone that had a problem that destroyed SD cards, SanDisk redesigned their cards so they'd work in those phones. Not their problem (Samsung screwed up), but they spent the time and money to come up with a fix anyway. I always support companies that show that they support their customers, even if it costs a little more at first. (With most electronics, more expensive for the same item means that it lasts longer enough to be cheaper in the long run.)
    09-28-2014 02:50 PM

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