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    So here's the story. I use my phone hotspot for gaming and never had much of a problem with it until I got a refurbished one from insurance company a few weeks ago. First I got the phone and the SIM card wasn't unlocked so I had to go to the Sprint store and get it unlocked then about a week later I go to play my ps4 and the hotspot keeps shutting off every 20 minutes.(which if your a gamer you know this makes playing online impossible) first I immediately check the settings, nothing, then call asurion and my 7 days were up for return so they tell me to take it to Sprint store. So they had no idea why it was doing it so they did a new major HTC update, nothing, few days later take back to store again and the tech takes it and comes back and says it is an HTC issue and there's nothing they can do even though I pay a lot for the hotspot plan. They proceed to tell me to get rid of the plan and go with one of my cable companies for internet . (which obviously is not an option or I would already have that) then he tells me I can wait for another update from HTC and hopefully they will fix the bug. So sorry for the long story but I guess my questions are Does anyone know how to fix the problem or hear if HTC is doing anything to remedy this for there customers? Cause obviously I'm not getting any help from crappy Sprint or the insurance company. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
    02-27-2015 08:57 PM

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