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    For the past few days my phone has been awful about charging. It is nearly impossible to ever get it to charge. Right now it will not charge at all and it is dead. I have tried so many options and I have done a lot of researching online but nothing is working.
    I have tried:
    -5 different chargers
    -6 different cords
    -MANY different outlets
    -Clearing the cache
    -Turning my phone off and letting it charge (It was the only thing that worked yesterday, but it will not work now.)
    -Taking out the battery and SIM card for a few hours
    -Plugging it into my computer via USB

    Are there any other options that you can think of besides taking it to Verizon. I don't have enough money for that.
    Additional information: I did not drop it or anything and it is only about 1 year old.
    All help would be greatly appreciated!
    03-14-2015 03:52 PM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Is the USB port clean and undamaged?

    Posted via the Android Central App
    03-14-2015 04:10 PM

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