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    I've deduced that it's either software or the usb port of the phone.

    I plug it in and it shows the lightning bolt but just stays there.

    A few times last night (twice) it would finally move from the lightning bolt to showing the percentages, however, it definitely stopped as it got to 5%. The first time, I didn't know what happened it just didnt charge. The next time I specifically watched it, made sure it was untouched and once it got to 5% it just stopped.

    I have tried to turn it on multiple times to charge it and it usually fluctuate between 2 and 4% dying quickly, however, a few times I would insert the charger it would immediately say charging and then just stop to not charging. I tried to insert the cord at different angles and strengths to no avail. Once it was at 5% and it would do the same thing.

    I tried to insert it into a computer and it was the same bolt. I tried different outlets, different walls and different chargers.

    I've had this happen before, I would have to take it out of my case and it would charge for a second. I previously thought it was something very bad, however, the next day it ended up randomly charging.

    I'm not sure whether the problem is hardware or software, because I would believe if it were hardware, the lightning bolt wouldn't show up on the phone at all; it is apparently registering on the phone. Maybe there's no charge or maybe the phone has a mechanism stopping it from charging. Oh yea, I wiped cache partition too.
    10-01-2015 12:26 PM

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