1. jaleelhamid's Avatar
    Hi everyone. I just bought a Samsung galaxy alpha online from Kijiji and when I try to run latest update i get this message. Currently im running the latest lollipop update but I'm sure the alpha has marshmallow.. any advice. I don't have a laptop.

    08-04-2016 04:15 PM
  2. Guytronic's Avatar
    The phone is most likely rooted.
    08-04-2016 04:59 PM
  3. jaleelhamid's Avatar
    I tried a rooting app and it says it's not.. is their away to reset it without PC..
    08-04-2016 05:12 PM
  4. Guytronic's Avatar
    I don't know of any way to reset/recover or unroot without a Windows PC.
    08-04-2016 05:21 PM
  5. jaleelhamid's Avatar
    I dont have access to a computer
    08-06-2016 03:44 AM

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