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    First time posting here, I tried to search on this topic but did not find anything.

    Still a proud user of a Nexus 4 but the battery life is getting worse every day so I decided it was time to upgrade.

    A few weeks back I bought a Nexus 6P from Best Buy, it had to be ordered and delivered to my house and appeared to be dead on arrival.
    It would not charge or turn on even after trying to charge for 24 hours.
    When plugged in the battery image would appear on the screen and it appeared as if it was trying to charge, but it just never would charge past 25%.
    So I returned that phone and decided to get a 5X, the 6P was too big for me anyway.

    The 5X (international version, LGH791, from a groupon deal) arrived yesterday and to my dismay it will also not charge but this time I get no response from the phone at all. Nothing lights up, the battery symbol does not appear when plugged in and nothing happens when trying to power up. I tried some troubleshooting steps, pressing the power button for up to 30 seconds, pressing the power button in combination with the volume rocker, but still nothing.

    This seems beyond a coincidence, of all the phones I have purchased in the past I have never had even one that was a brick right out of the box then for this to happen to two phones consecutively does not seem plausible.

    Any thoughts on why I cannot get this 5X to charge using the provided cable and wall charger?

    At this point I plan to return the 5X, unless it starts working in the next day or two, and buy another 5X locally and not leave the building until it turns on.

    08-21-2016 10:59 AM

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