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    Because of a number of previous experiences with carriers, I am taking a hard look at Verizon and adding a line to my wife's account, but it looks like I will have to get a new phone. I may have an old htc trade in but that doesn't really matter. I've always been interested in Moto just never got one for monetary reasons. That's not as much of a problem now. So, I've looked at the diff Moto z's but I have confused myself, so I come to y'all. Ok, I use my cellphone for voice calls (preferred) text (used a lot 'cause nobody likes to talk much) and reading emails while in the break room at work. I have a pretty good tablet so I play a couple of games on that plus emails. I want a phone to cover these peramiters and be shockproof (most important), waterproof and be able to upgrade for a few years at least. As I said before, I've been leaning towards Moto for a long time but, it doesn't have to be the end all, have to have for me. As a note, I worked for an engineering firm for 21 years before retirement and I was pretty good at this stuff but have been passed by y'all by leaps and bounds, hence the long question. I'm just looking for some insight on a phone for the best price for my simple needs with upgradeability for the near future. You younger folks are way ahead of me so I defer to you. Thanks in advance. Schu
    08-10-2017 04:02 PM
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    I've had Moto phones since the Droid Maxx. I replaced that with a Droid Turbo (original). Solid phones..

    I recently got the urge to upgrade and found, what I thought would meet my prerequisites (big battery, wireless charging, greater chance of udates) in the Samsung S7 edge. :/

    I was greatly disappointed in the lack of the 'always listening' feature of 'OK, Google'... Samsung would only awaken from the lock screen using S-Voice, which sucked.. Samsung ties to fix what's not broken with Android.. smh.. The Moto Actions and the rest of the software on the Moto phones was sorely missed, as well.. The driving feature that reads out texts was something I relied on, as well..

    I'm not sold on the modular concept and I don't think I'll purchase any 'mods' soon, but I purchased a Moto Z Play Droid and am really happy with it. It's not the most attractive phone, but the battery, which is the same size as the Edge, lasts twice as long.. the display is bright and vibrant and I haven't experienced the glitchy behavior that my Edge exhibited. The Edge was very disappointing in battery life, likely due to the processor difference. I really don't know why folks are so happy with Samsung.. Good luck with your decision, if it hasn't already been made..
    08-28-2017 08:11 AM

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