1. acsurfer's Avatar
    Just curious, how often do you use phone when it is placed on the table and what model/inches are you using? (I mean the phone back is flat on the table and you will use, press, swipe, type...on the phone)

    I do not use the phone when it is on the table. Using Samsung S4. 5 inches.
    10-13-2014 07:12 AM
  2. someguy01234's Avatar
    Pretty often, usually to check notifications while at work or at my computer desk. Too lazy to put it on a stand. We need more phone cases that have a quality built in stand.
    10-13-2014 11:21 AM
  3. Matthew Pielichowski's Avatar
    I find it more inconvenient to try and type while the phone back is on the table. I prefer to have it in my hands where I can use SWYPE. For just checking messages, yea sure, but other than that no.
    10-13-2014 07:38 PM

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