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    My HTC One M9 progressively stopped recognizing my headphones. I first checked for lint - just in case but it was clean as a whisle!
    After 1 month of not working, I contacted HTC, they asked that I do a reboot in Safe Mode, then try the headphones to be sure it wasn't another app doing this - which still didn't work.
    I looked around for info on the issue and found the solution: download MixZing, go to Settings in the app, then "Headset and Buttons", and uncheck the box that says: "Enable Headset Controls", then restart phone and headset now works!
    HTC wanted me to send the phone for repair... to steal more money from me perhaps? They're out for our hard earned money!!!
    Let me know if this works for you!
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    12-05-2016 05:05 PM
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    That's a good tip. Thanks for joining and welcome to AC
    12-05-2016 05:11 PM

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