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    My phone kept offering the upgrade, I kept postponing, eventually it threatened possible problems with google apps/accounts functions if I didn't upgrade, so I did... and have been regretting it every second of my life since then. A HUGE 3.92 MISC file (which CANNOT be deleted and is labeled "system data") showed up, on my 8GB phone, instantly setting off all my "storage full" notices.

    The overall look and menu options have been rearranged and that is mildly annoying, but I can adjust. The phone overheats and can't handle the 100% brightness setting anymore, which sucks but whatever. The buttons' uses switched (main button and right button functions changed so I'm constantly "accidentally" opening Google which causes me to then have to close the browser and restart the app I was actually using, which ruins my games), but even that, I could eventually get used to, if I had to.

    My main complaint, is that my 8GB phone is now USELESS. I did a factory reset and deleted everything, and I now start with 3.63GB free, not even enough to reinstall my necessary apps, let alone pictures or music (and before you suggest it, yes I have a huge 64GB SD card, but it still does me no good for apps). PLEASE help me figure out a way to get rid of this 4GB insult from android??? I really can't afford to go buy a new phone, but if I do, you better believe I will be financing an apple product if need be. Android broke it, Android better fix it.

    Oh, and just to add some salt in the wound, my husband has the same phone, bought on the same day, same service provider, and has NEVER been offered/threatened to update.
    06-28-2015 05:51 PM
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    Misc is all the data your apps are storing. If you look in there, you might see some app using almost all the space. That might tell you what to do.

    Also, if you have media files on your SD card, and the card is corrupted in a certain way, you can have one picture showing up as tens of thousands of pictures, and the media database will get huge. Turn the phone off, take the card out, turn the phone on and see if that changes anything.)

    If neither of those things help, since the carrier sent you the update, it's their responsibility to fix any problems it caused. Bring it to them and ask them to please fix it. (Back the phone up first - see Backing up an Android Device.)

    Oh, and just to add some salt in the wound, my husband has the same phone, bought on the same day, same service provider, and has NEVER been offered/threatened to update.
    That's called "luck" - I'm still on KitKat because I wouldn't allow Lollipop near my phone. Not even on the same block as my phone. I'd ban it from this city if I could. I've spent 42 years writing software, and the worst garbage I ever wrote is better than Lollipop. (I've written bug-ridden software so bad I needed the Orkin Man, but I never released a flea circus like Lollipop to the public.)

    Tell your husband to buy a lottery ticket - it'll win.
    06-28-2015 06:32 PM
  3. JamesBeard360's Avatar
    I wish I could just copy what you wrote and paste it everywhere.

    You literally took the words right out of my mouth. This is the worst update android has ever sent us.
    08-14-2015 05:00 PM

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