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    Greetings Fellow Androidians
    I need help! Like hkgck, I have the same thing..
    I purchased an Unlocked Samsung Galaxy 3 from N1Wireless.com 60 days ago.
    When I purchased the phone, I had no idea it was foreign. When it arrived, things were fine. I was messing with buttons and WAAA LAAA.. I messed things up.
    It now says..

    SIM network unlock PIN with a field and
    dismiss. ( this takes me to the apps just no network)

    ~help me~ save me from myself~

    I contacted my carrier AT&T and they could not figure it out.. changing SIMs did not do it.. not the problem, we tried that..
    AT&T got Samsung on the phone with them and myself and with the 2 of them the consensus was it needed a master reset. So we did.. It came up in Portugese. How I found out it was foreign. Samsung ran the IEMI then.
    AT&T said ooops.. not our problem..
    Samsung said call Portugal... we can't help you this is USA thats UK
    the company I purchased from has yet to acknowledge me.
    So now I have a cool android.. with no network..
    we did use google translate to figure how to turn it back to english, but I do NOT want to sit on hold with Samsung in some foreign country

    Please give me some suggestions...
    03-12-2011 01:32 AM
  2. RUSH's Avatar
    Welcome to the forum.

    Sorry to hear that. I hope someone on the forum would be able to help you out with this problem.

    Good luck.
    03-12-2011 03:16 AM
  3. eden_g's Avatar
    i having same problem
    02-19-2012 12:44 PM