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    I just upgraded from my trusty Note 2 to a brand new Note 4 (through Best Buy/Verizon) on Saturday, and I've been having issues with signal loss.

    The main issue is with dead zones. Normally, if you go through a dead zone, your phone will show that it does not have a signal, but it will keep searching for one until you are out of that location and the signal comes back on its own. However, with my phone, if I enter a dead zone, the signal never comes back until i restart my phone. Unfortunately, I drive through one of these every time I leave my house - it's only about 100 feet and then I should have a very low signal strength for about a mile, then it should return to full strength. Instead, the bars and the 4G LTE symbol disappear and it's just a greyed out triangle and a little grey x over the top of it. It also asks me if I want to switch to Global mode, but it doesn't matter if I say yes or no, the signal doesn't come back until I restart. I have also tried turning the mobile data off for a minute then back on, but that doesn't work. Neither does turning airplane mode on and then off. I have tried giving it time to reconnect, but after 5 minutes, there's no connection until I restart. I shouldn't have to restart the stupid thing every day, sometimes twice a day. My husband upgraded to a S6 on the same day, and he is not having issues with signal problems, which leads me to believe it something to do with the phone, not the service.

    These are the things I have tried:

    Hard Reset on the phone
    removed micro SD
    Removed all apps that did not come installed on the phone
    Booted in Safe Mode and Cleared Cache
    replaced the sim card with a new one

    Here's some additional info:
    Android version 5.0.1
    Mobile network: LTE /CDMA
    Data Roaming Access: Allow access for all trips

    What can I do to fix this? Is there a setting I can tweak? It's almost as if the phone decides not to look for a signal when it loses it, which was a feature of the lollipop update, correct? It was an attempt to conserve battery life? Although, clearly not intended to work in this particular way.

    Thank you!
    04-29-2015 10:54 AM

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