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    Hi there,

    Wondering of any of you that use a home security via camera monitoring system would mind giving your recommendations and/or opinions as which ones work well and/or those that don't. I've been pouring over the reviews on several at Amazon, but prone to trusting people here more so I hope it's ok to ask this here.

    We tried an inexpensive wireless motion detector type (no camera) that alerted us via an assortment of chimes and the receiver plugged into a wall socket, device outside runs on batteries. We tried spent two weeks trying this in as many locations as we possibly could where it would not be set off by things like the motion of flowers/plants blowing in the breeze, squirrels or what have you but it's so overly sensitive with no option to set sensitivity that it gives so many false alarms it's useless so we took it out of service because it was only driving us nuts with the false alarms. Even the breeze triggers it. It was only $20 so I guess it's one of those you get what you pay for things.

    We mostly want this for a driveway alert. We moved to the country and found out the hard way that I cannot hear cars entering the driveway.

    This is what we need:

    Comes with an Android app that works with Note 5 on Verizon with ability to alert on a PC in case the phone is elsewhere.

    Instant phone notifications via text or some kind of phone alert if the camera is activated.

    Not so sensitive that it alerts on things like rain, breeze or other false alarm type activity. We need it to pick up only things like cars & people. Wouldn't mind at all the occasional deer or other larger wildlife that may wander across the alert area

    I don't want to chew up data with constantly having to watch the video, I want to be alerted when I need to check the camera, as in someone driving into the driveway.

    MUST be wireless.

    Wouldn't mind having it come with two or more cameras as long as there is a significant distance range able to be set individually on a per camera basis.

    Would prefer not to spend over $250.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
    07-18-2016 12:55 PM

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