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    Every computer that I have used has allowed the user to set preferences for which WiFi network it connects to by default SSID but not the Galaxy S5 which just connects to the strongest.

    I use BT Internet so there is BT Fon SSID at the same strength as my other ones so if I have been out of the house, the Galaxy S5 will connect to the Fon SSID. This is annoying because it needs you to login or have BT WiFi App running and is lower speed than the normal connection. I also usually connect on 5 GHz because it is quieter.

    I did ask Samsung Support. I just hoped they might accept that it was failing in their design and they could perhaps fix in a future update but they were no help at all.

    It is not even as if it is connecting to first in alphabetical order.
    10-04-2016 08:06 AM

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