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    20 days ago I bought a new 32GB Galaxy S6, and I think I have a problem with a USB port

    From the first day of charging, it's take max 2 hours to charge phone, but charger and cable that goes into the phone very warm, but yesterday has shown that it takes 5 hours to charge the battery, and on original charger i noticed that the cable is no longer heated as before.

    So, I've tried car changer with output 2A, and it happens the same, 5 hours to charge!!

    When i turn into computer, i know its normal to charge is slow, but i noticed that the computer does not recognize mobile like USB stick, does not recognize the memory, even though I tried to install the driver that probably do not need to Win8.1, but a few days ago it was normal.

    So, when i tried to reinstall a software Lollipop 5.1.1, i can't becouse computer not recognize mobile, it's only charging slow from PC.

    I tried new charger, new usb cable, and all possible options that I found on the Internet, and the problem persists.

    Is it possible to not work USB port that is used for charging 2A?
    08-20-2015 12:47 AM

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