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    Took me forever to figure out why I kept getting complaints that I could not be heard, reception, jumping voice and all that fun stuff. I was not going to believe it was my brand new expensive phone but low and behold it was. Go into Settings, Click on Advanced Calling. Turn OFF HD Voice and Video Call. I even turned off Wi-Fi Calling because I don't want my phone working like an VOIP phone. No more reception issues ever. I can finally say I love my Samsung. Finally. I have been an IPhone user forever and was very close to giving up this phone when I finally got it resolved. Secondly for those who stream music and now have buffering issues. It is not the music programs it is the Samsung and something they did in the last update. If you turn off Power Saving all your music programs will stream as expected.

    Only benefit of going to 7s Edge is the battery size is bigger. Other than that the changes above would still be needed for performance and voice. Make sure when you buy the phone that they give you a back up battery like they did with 6s Edge when it was released. The battery pack they gave back then has 4 full charges in it when needed. Such high resolution, looks beautiful, comes with a cost. LOL

    Have a fabulous day
    04-30-2016 02:37 PM

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