1. Kalnel's Avatar
    Anyone know how to change the default app that opens when you give Google the "note to self" command? I have mine set to Evernote, which is fine, but I wanted to look at the other options, and I can't figure out how to do it.

    (You used to be able to hit a little drop-down box when you spoke the command, but I don't see it anymore.)
    08-18-2017 11:54 PM
  2. Ecm's Avatar
    Open a new note to self. Then, press and hold the current app to which the note would be saved. This will give you the drop-down again to select a different app.
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    08-19-2017 03:17 PM
  3. Kalnel's Avatar
    UPDATE: I see what you mean now. HOld the Evernote icon in the new note. That gave me the drop-down. Thanks so much!!

    Doesn't seem to be working. When I say, "OK Google, note to self," it flashes past a Google Assistant (or whatever they're calling it) screen and automatically opens a new note in Evernote. If I back out of the Evernote note and go back to the GA screen, press-and-hold on the Evernote icon does nothing. (Pressing it quickly opens another note in Evernote.)

    What am I doing wrong? Any advice appreciated.
    08-19-2017 03:29 PM
  4. Ecm's Avatar
    Don't back out. Press and hold on Evernote in the new note that you've opened from GA. That's where you'll get the drop-down.
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    08-19-2017 03:34 PM
  5. Ecm's Avatar
    Oops. Didn't see your "update" until after I posted.

    Glad you're sorted.
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    08-19-2017 03:35 PM
  6. Kalnel's Avatar
    Just wanted to add one trick I found, in case anyone searches this thread in the future. If you give the command, "Use Evernote to open a note to self," or "Use Gmail to open a note to self," Google Assistant will open the note in that program. You can switch among any compatible apps/programs this way.
    08-20-2017 05:41 PM

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