1. musthavemuzk's Avatar
    a little history here. about a month ago my captivate showed up awating the transition to att from alltel.
    i was so anxious as i had had it with BB. 8330 to 9630.
    since then i have followed what i read here and other places online and i have been "using" it since then. only the gps around town as well as wifi at home. learning how android does things as well as getting some apps and so on.
    yesterday got the text saying transition for me would be may 5.
    too anxious again i started asking friends and so on and some had activated their att transition phones already.
    once again i say sure i will go against the grain.
    so just before i headed out for a meeting last night i activated my captivate.
    i was feeling comfy with it as i had about a month to use and play with it. however using it in that manor compared to using it as a fully fuctional phone are not the same thing.
    so i fumbled through some calls and texts last night.
    did the same today.
    i so need to get some more things setup.
    i miss the crackberry led as well as i miss the sounds for friends messages/emails as well as calls.
    hope to figure some of that out tonight while here.
    i had grabbed handcent(sp) and still working on getting it as i want it.
    have not put any ringtones or music on it yet.
    this am i took the 8gig card from BB and put in captivate. first copying the contents to the PC and then formatting it in the captivate.

    it is a big change for sure, but i am up for it.

    is there any recomended place to put ringtones?

    any recomended app to sd card apps or dont bother?

    i want to capture screens, but theone i tried didnt work. i know it said it only supports rooted phones but some havehad luck otherwise. i think that one is called shoot me.

    i have had k-9 and i am mixed about it so far.

    anyways this is not getting anything read.

    04-22-2011 08:40 PM
  2. ls377's Avatar
    Sweet, another BB 83xx convert . Definitely miss that keyboard. Definitely don't miss the rest of the phone .

    Not sure about ringtones, I always keep mine on vibrate. As for apps to SD, the Captivate has plenty of space, so it shouldn't be needed.
    04-22-2011 09:47 PM
  3. Nelimungous's Avatar
    i miss the crackberry led as well

    i have had k-9 and i am mixed about it so far.

    anyways this is not getting anything read.

    As a LONG TIME crackhead I can say I feel your pain/discomfort.

    Replace your LED addiction with:
    THE best free app EVA!

    Also I too was addicted to BB email...I am using MailDroid PRO. THE best BB mail addiction replacement. I use the paid pro version...worth every penny.

    Good luck!

    05-09-2011 07:06 PM