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Jul 29, 2013
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Does anyone here use Accubattery? I installed it on my P8 to keep an eye on SOT but I've noticed that it's reporting my battery health as deteriorating quite quickly.

I'm sure it was originally on 100% but in the last couple of weeks it's fine from 86 to 82 which seems a bit worrying.


B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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I use Accubattery on my Pixel 7 Pro, and it's reading 99% after a year. I typically wait until around 40% to charge, and when I do, I charge to 100%.

Do you habitually charge to <100%, like maybe 80%? If so, I wonder if that might confuse Accubattery's algorithm (although that would seem unlikely, since you'd think that the devs would know that battery-conscious users are more likely to try to follow the 40-80% guideline). In any case, if you don't usually charge up to 100%, try doing that for the next few cycles and see if the battery health changes.
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Oct 21, 2013
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I also use accubattery.

I could not get betterbatterystats to work. ADB does not work on my mac mini m1 or hp laptop.

So I upgraded to accubattery pro today for 1 dollar and 19 cents. 24 hour special.

Its good and adds app battery usage. Says how much battery my apps are using. But it only shows 10 apps at a time. Is that it? I need to see all my apps. I have 750 apps (please dont ask why). Lots of trial and error and to see how much my lg velvet 5g tmobile 128gb can stuff. Does accubattery only show 10? No way to see all 750?