Android Data Retrieval / Recovery


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Sep 16, 2018
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Not sure where to post this, but I have a question about retrieving data from a "corrupt" phone.

I am willing to do ANYTHING.

I decent with electronics, but I have never gotten into Android stuff.

Here is the problem:

My LG Stylo 2 froze one day and I had to take the battery out to shut it off. When I tried to reboot it, it wouldn't do anything. Now a month has passed and when I power on, sometimes it says:
"Your device is corrupted and cannot be trusted"
The top right of the sceen says "Boot verification Fail!! - cause DIFFERENT_HASH" and there is always a different 4 digit number to the left of the message.

I believe that I have some very important data on the phone memory. I am willing to do anything to find out.

I dont care about fixing the phone. I just need to acces the data. Mainly text messages and possibly photos that are stored on the phone's memory.

I am willing to crack it open and I am fairly good with electronics, but I need to know what Im looking for and how to get it. I have used arduino with an FTDI adapter to program some boards before, but nothing this complex. I am willing to purchase whatever I need to get this job done. I do not have access to a raspberry pi, but I assume that it would be compatible. I am willing to do any soldering but I dont know what connections to look for. It there somewhere I can find a complete diagram/pinout for this phone? (LG Stylo 2). If anybody know any information about how to do this, please post a reply.

Please let me know if anybody can help point me in the right direction.


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