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Hello Everyone,
I need some help please. People with experience and knowledge of the Android OS & it's different versions and how different Apps interact with these on Samsung devices will know about the problem I am facing.
There are 2 Apps that won't work for me. Let me give you some background information. I live in Canada and my mobile service provider is Freedom. I've always used Samsung devices for the longest time ever without any problems. Fast forward to around 2018 when I upgraded my phone and thus the latest Android version that came with the phone. At this point the 2 Apps in question stopped working and I've tried every resource I know of, to fix it, without success. These 2 Apps are:
(1) Android-Sync
This is a paid app that I bought so that I can sync my native built-in Samsung apps like Contacts, Calender, Memo, and Task (To Do) with Microsoft Outlook 2010 that I have on my laptop. Whatever I did on laptop, as I entered my appointments etc. into Outlook was always kept in sync with the entries on the phone and vice versa. I would make an entry into the contacts on my phone and it would sync with the contacts in my Outlook. With the newer version of Android, this stopped working and as mentioned above, I have tried everything but have not been able to get it going on the current device. I tried emailing the software company too (they have a website and all), but didn't get a response back. Any ideas on how I can achieve this will be a life saver as i am not able to function properly without having this feature in place.
(2) Call Recording
I do a lot of work where it's important for me to have a record of the conversations I have on the phone. Before the new Android version upgrade, I used Cube ACR and it worked fine (recorded all incoming and outgoing calls that were made in my phone) but, again, as with the Android-Sync App, call recording will simply not work any more. I have tried so many different third party apps that are available for call recording, without any luck.
I am now again at a point where I need to upgrade my device but before I did that, I thought I reach out to the on-line community of experienced people who might be able to shed some light and help me. Can anyone please guide me overcome this problem that I have with these 2 Apps not working for me which are so essential for the kind of work I do. Any help with be greatly appreciated and I sincerely thank you for your time.
Warmest Regards,

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Chances are that Android-Sync was deprecated due to lack of continued developer support and updates. Android APIs are constantly being updated, and developers have to keep up with those updates in order to keep their apps working properly. Do you remember the name of the developer for that app? I can't find an app called "Android-Sync" on the Play Store, which means it was removed at some point.

This is the listing I found for Cube ACR: This one looks like it's being kept up to date. Is this the exact app you have installed? Sometimes a developer will update an app so thoroughly that they create a new listing for the app, and abandon the prior incarnation. If this is in fact the one you have and it doesn't work, then email the developer and ask if they're aware of any issues:

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