Best screen protector for fingerprint/oil resistance ?


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Nov 14, 2016
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I had a Note 7 and the screen with no protector on it would never show fingerprints or oil, one of my favorite features of the phone. I now have a Note 5, while the screen is very nice it collects fingerprints and oil a little bit more than the Note 7. I was curious what the best screen protector may be to eliminate as much as possible fingerprints/oil. I'm not concerned about how good the screen protector resists scratches or in tempered glasses case cracking, simply looking for the best screen protector to resist fingerprints and oil. I honestly didn't want a tempered glass screen, don't want to add any thick raised surface, would really prefer something super thin and clear. However, if the tempered glass are vastly superior at reducing fingerprints and oil then I'd certainly consider one.

Anyone know if a plastic screen or tempered glass are better for resisting fingerprints/oil or does it not matter ?

Is the main feature to look for oleophobic coating or is there other features that would aid in eliminating how many fingerprints/oil shows up ?

Is oleophobic coating only on tempered glass screens ?